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Laura Arechiga


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I began my career as an agent in 2003. I've worked with every sort of client - from first-timers to experienced homeowners to pure investors drawn to the rich opportunities of this market. I've handled a wide range of properties, from humble "fixers" to fine architect-designed homes. I've done nearly every kind of sale and handled single-family homes, multi-unit buildings, raw-land, and mixed-used facilities.
My family roots are in real estate. My father was a successful East Bay mortgage broker for over 40 years. He built his business by building relationships, he was above all an honest man, and his clients trusted him. I like to think he passed his values onto me. I was born in Berkeley and raised in the Oakland Hills. I attended both private and public schools in the East Bay. I've lived all around this nature-blessed area, in Alameda, Berkeley, and both Claremont and Panoramic Hills.
I enjoy the business side of being a real estate professional - I came to real estate after several successful years doing marketing for major Internet companies. I also relish getting my hands dirty exploring a crawl space and examining an old foundation or an ancient furnace. But the special ingredient I bring to my job as an agent is my training as an artist. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of New Mexico, and my aesthetic eye lets me see possibilities and limitations in a space that others miss.
The shorthand version of my life story is that I'm an East Bay native proud of, and in love with, her community. I work hard, both in the office and at the property. I invest in relationships, balance my intuition with wide research and hard data, and put my talent and expertise to work for you.
Fiona & Tor
Karina & Joel
Kimi, Brian and Masako
Clients Say...

We have only glowing comments about Laura: we chose her having Interviewed several recommended local realtors to sell our home. She was so very easy to work with: she is communicative, enthusiastic, direct, and knows her profession. Helped orchestrate the handful of improvements: paint, garden refresh, that did not brake the bank, yet had the house sparkle. Brought in great stager. Then all of the photo,...

— Fiona & Tor | ".......Brought honesty and integrity..."

Clients Say...

We can’t say thank you enough. You’ve been a stalwart friend and realtor and for that we are eternally grateful. The road to home was long and tough (kind of traumatic even), but your perpetual optimism and unmatched expertise saw us through. Thank you for sticking with us, having our backs, making us laugh and keeping us hopeful.

— Karina & Joel | "......your perpetual optimism and unmatched expertise..."

Clients Say...

Thank you for your expertise, your patience, your intelligence, your heart, your style, your everything!! We are so grateful for all you did for us. You’re the best we couldn’t have dreamed of a better realtor. So much gratitude!

— Kimi, Brian and Masako | "......your intelligence, your heart, your style..."

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